Who we are: Since 2006 we operate a consumer and business gifting platform under the name “Giveawine” (a brand of Novadoo AG). With a wide selection of international food, wine and gourmet products we facilitate businesses and individuals to treat and reward their friends, colleagues, employees in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Through innovation, high quality products, a modern easy to use web-platform the process of giving gifts is fast, fun and easy. Our international retailer and logistic partner network is optimally integrated into the supply chain to make deliveries in an efficient, fast and punctual way.

With “Novadoo” we have invented a new way of gifting. While traditional online gift platforms often miss an emotional impact when a person receives gifts or they receive something they may not have wanted - with Novadoo everything is different! In just few clicks you can put together a real gift assortment, record a video message or upload a photo and send the real gift via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or other communication tools of your choosing! Then let the gift recipient be surprised first with an online-message (including a personal text, photo or video message) and leave them to choose their own real gift to be delivered – one that they want!

At the end of this easy process, they can send you quick and effortless feedback that we forward to you immediately!

With Novadoo you will have the possibility to thank or surprise someone with the perfect personal gift every time.